Creden-ZzZ Studio Ash Cabinet Bed
Creden-ZzZ Studio Ash Cabinet Bed Closed

Creden-ZzZ Studio Ash

Item # 593-15

Creden-ZzZ Studio Ash features a whitewashed, brushed finish on acacia veneer with bold minimalist hardware. An extra large 11″ drawer add extra storage from for for pillows and blankets.

The new Flip Top Creden-ZzZ style cabinet bed gives sleepers more headroom while keeping a low, easy to-use top surface. Simply slide items to the back to flip open the top. Latches and safety chain are hidden inside for a clean exterior. The solid sleeping platform makes a comfortable bed — no springs, no rolling to the middle, and no “bar-in-your-back.”


  • Free-standing cabinet, no need to bolt to floor or wall
  • Plenty of head room
  • Flip-Top hinges allow top to open without having to
    remove items from top
  • Comfortable queen size mattress
  • Spacious 11″ storage drawer for pillows or blankets
  • Whitewashed, brushed finish with minimalist hardware
  • Usable top surface
  • Low cost alternative to the Murphy bed
  • Supports 500 pounds
  • Easy to open and close
  • Dimensions W 64″ x H 43″ x D 25″, opens to 81″
  • Comes with custom, tri-fold 6-inch mattress

U.S. Patent No. 7,574,758 B2, Canadian Patent No. 2,577,377